Lloyd Summerton


Another parent with nowhere to turn responds to Frank’s story in the Daily News.

Frank Anderson’s story in the Daily News caught the eye of another parent in a similar position. Lloyd John Summerton, much like Frank and William, was not happy about putting his intellectually disabled son in the Claremont Mental Hospital – the only alternative available in Western Australia at the time.

Lloyd Summerton would go on to become the inaugural treasurer for the Mentally Incurable Children’s Association (MICA) in collaboration with Frank and William.

Following the establishment of the first Nulsen home on Great Eastern Highway, Lloyd Summerton and his wife transferred their son to the care of MICA.

Lloyd was an integral member of the parent’s group that helped to organise fundraising initiatives and events. Lloyd was also one of the original bus drivers who, along with a group of parents, would manage a roster to transport residents.