Nulsen offers a range of disability services in Perth

Many of the people we support have complex disability or require around-the-clock assistance. Each accommodation option is set up to suit the needs and personalities of the people who live there. We thoroughly review people’s needs and personality when considering where they might live.

Our disability services and supported accommodation starts with the wishes of the person then works back to design the supports. This gives people choice and control over the services they receive. We develop tailored disability service plans for each person based on their goals, hopes and dreams. We encourage families to take an active role in developing plans for their relative.

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Supported Independent Living for people with complex disability

For people who need support at different times of the day, only when it’s needed.

The Nulsen team provide 24/7 assistance, including support with daily tasks and activities. We provide support for people, dependent on their needs, which can include set times during the day. This can include supporting a person to get ready for work in the morning, preparing meals throughout the day, and undertaking other general household tasks to ensure individuals gain or maintain their independence.

We work with SDA providers to offer thoughtfully designed homes, which includes arranging for specialist modifications to suit individual abilities and goals, including SDA features, and assistive technology such as hoists, ramps, handles, and more! This is all about making a house someone’s home. Our Nulsen Therapy team can also provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology and dietetics based on a person’s NDIS plan.

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Specialist Disability Accommodation

Nulsen Disability Services supports people to select who their SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) services are provided by. We have a proven track record, working with a variety of SDA providers, delivering quality SIL services in some of Perth’s most beautiful, modern, and accessible home environments.

SDA housing is a key component in ensuring people are supported to live a high quality life, as independently as possible. SDA plays a vital role in creating an inclusive society by providing tailored housing solutions that promote independence, accessibility, and social inclusion.

Image description: Photo of Bathroom in an SDA home provided by award-winning SDA provider, Sana Living, who Nulsen work with.

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Nulsen Therapy

We provide person-centred and goal-oriented occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, and dietetics services. As the dedicated provider of therapy services at Nulsen, we develop enabling and enduring relationships with residents and their families, ensuring the people we support live their best life.

We also work alongside the team of Registered Nurses at Nulsen.

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Daily living

Nulsen Therapy offers a comprehensive range of services, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, and dietetics, to help people achieve their goals and enhance their daily living. Services cover improving independence, mobility, and social skills. They also provide equipment recommendations and dietary guidance.

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Nulsen's Speech Pathologists specialise in improving communication skills, encompassing speech, language, reading, writing, and social ability. They offer alternative communication methods like Key Word Sign and technology-based solutions, collaborating with Occupational Therapists and Behaviour Support Practitioners to assist people in achieving their communication objectives.

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Assistive technology and equipment

Dependent on an individuals NDIS plan, goals and needs, Nulsen Therapy can advise a range of equipment solutions to enhance daily living, including wheelchairs, specialised positioning gear, home modifications, and advanced technology like smart homes. We tailor equipment to meet individual needs and support greater independence within our community and residential homes.

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