At Nulsen, we promote meaningful engagement, whether this be through our partnerships or community engagement programs.

It’s through these initiatives that our team, residents and key stakeholders participate in activities, create life-long connections, and contribute to a engaging society where everyone belongs and feels connected.

Our partnerships are built on meaningful engagement, making a bigger difference in the lives of people with disability. A partnership with Nulsen sees you become part of the Nulsen family, working together to build a broader sense of community awareness around disability and create a civil society.

Our community engagement programs are rich in building awareness and understanding of people with disability. We do this through meaningful engagement, activities, and initiatives which often result in forging lifelong friendships. Our marquee community engagement program is the Nulsen Youth Patron Program, which operates with Hale School, Methodist Ladies’ College, and All Saints’ College, celebrating its 18th anniversary this year.

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