Our team are all about empowering people to live their best life.

Our team comprises of direct care and operational functions, lead by our Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors.

Our employees are our greatest asset, with those in direct care roles being crucial to empowering people to live their best life. These roles include Support Workers, Residential Service Managers, Accommodation Managers, and Nurses, supported by the team in operations.

  • Support Workers are often considered an extension of a resident’s family. Support Workers assist residents 24/7 with life’s everyday needs and activities, including mealtime, bathing and dressing tasks. In addition, they are key to enabling a resident to lead a fun and fulfilling life. This means they’re out and about with residents, meeting family and friends, and doing hobbies and interests. This is all part of a typical day.
  • Residential Service Managers (RSM) are responsible for the day-to-day management of each home, and are often the first go-to person for any resident and family/guardian related matters. RSMs are a key role of the organisation, ensuring the resident’s best interest are supported.
  • Accommodation Managers are responsible for the oversight of several homes within a Nulsen Village. Accommodation Managers not only highly experienced in disability services, but also exemplify the Nulsen values, and are known for having meaningful connections with residents, and their families/guardians.

We offer comprehensive training to give people the skills they need to be successful at Nulsen. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for career progression. We appreciate the diversity of our workforce and aim to choose the best person for the job.

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Zero Tolerance

Nulsen fully endorses the Zero Tolerance initiative led by the National Disability Services (NDS) agency in partnership with the disability sector.

This means we do not tolerate any form of abuse, neglect, intimidation or exploitation and are committed to recognising, raising and responding to any deviation from the human rights of people we support.

Built around a national evidence-based framework, Zero Tolerance at Nulsen is an organisational commitment to act on:

  • Anything that makes a person with disability be or feel unsafe
  • Anything that doesn’t support a person’s human rights
  • Anything that we could be doing better

All current and future employees will undergo Zero Tolerance training modules to ensure this standard is upheld at all times.

For more information about Zero Tolerance, please visit the National Disability Services website.

“As a carer, it’s kick-ass, supporting them through life, and watching them achieve their goals, it’s better than any award”.

Michael Ardzejewski    Support Worker

Our Recruitment Process

If your application passes the initial stage, we’ll phone you to further assess your suitability and may invite you to participate in a recruitment session.

During the recruitment session, you will go through several stations that assess various values/qualities. This could include a one-on-one interview, meeting a family member, fun group activities, or role-play.

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Working with Nulsen Disability Services is the beginning of a lifelong career. Make a meaningful impact every day with a career in care.

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