Last week, Nulsen hosted leading educator John Armstrong for a 2-day workshop of ‘Towards a Better Life’, an exploration of Social Role Valorisation (SRV).

200 Nulsen support workers, managers and directors attended the specialist training, ensuring the learnings and messages filter through the entire organisation.

The team learned how to support people with disability to improve their lives through obtaining valued roles in their community.

“The more roles a person has, and the more value those roles have, the more likely the person will be given access to the good things in life.”

We held this event because we’re serious about improving the lives of people with disability. The training covered:

  • Understanding social devaluation and its consequences for people who are marginalised
  • SRV as a means of addressing experiences of devaluation
  • Strengthening one’s motivation to counteract devaluation
  • The qualities of the good things in life, and how to facilitate them
  • The importance of valued social roles and how to develop roles that lead to real participation and belonging in community.

John Armstrong has a long involvement in the lives of people with disability, in informal advocacy and friendship roles, as well as the formal roles of service provider, teacher, adviser and service planner.

He is one of only two senior Social Role Valorisation and PASSING trainers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Thank you John for your engaging and hugely beneficial workshop.