Western Australia’s leading disability services provider for people with complex needs and Perth’s oldest and leading boys’ school are celebrating a collaborative partnership that has lasted 15 years with the launch of the Chime Café philanthropic initiative.

Nulsen Disability Services and Hale School commenced the Nulsen Youth Patron Program in 2007. The program is a disability awareness, service-learning program designed to develop students’ leadership skills and civic mindedness, by supporting people with disability in the WA community.

The Chime Café is a Hale student-led service located on school grounds with net profits donated to Nulsen Disability Services. This funding will directly benefit over 200 people with disability who live in 24/7 home-style care environments.

Nulsen Group CEO Gordon Trewern said the Nulsen Youth Patron Program has reached a new level with Hale School establishing the Chime Café initiative that will directly benefit Nulsen Disability Services.

“The Nulsen and Hale partnership reflects a journey of genuine and meaningful interaction and a friendship that is set to continue for many years to come.

“Nulsen residents have greatly benefitted from the collaboration with Hale through the Nulsen Youth Patron Program, not just from the students’ fundraising but also their meaningful visits to our residential care homes,” Mr Trewern said.

Hale School Headmaster Dean Dell’Oro said that students had collaborated with 5Senses coffee to create the ‘True Blue’ special coffee blend exclusively for the Chime Café.

“Over the years the Nulsen Youth Patron Program has provided our students with extracurricular skills that are helping to prepare them for their adult lives, many of whom will pursue leadership and entrepreneurial careers.

“We encourage our students to find creative and functional ways to drive philanthropy and support vulnerable people in our community in real-world business environments, which is invaluable for their development,” Mr Dell’Oro said.

About Nulsen Youth Patron Program

The Nulsen Youth Patron Program instils an understanding of how individual and collective social responsibility shapes a civil society in which we can all live and work. The program extends beyond the participating students, reaching parents, teachers, Nulsen employees and supporters and the broader community. Each year, selected students from Hale School, Methodist Ladies’ College and All Saints’ College participate in the Nulsen Youth Patron Program. Positions in the program are hotly contested as the leadership skills and personal development gained during the year-long program see many of the students go on to assume leadership positions not only within their schools, but later within their chosen professions and the community.

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