The Emma Gardiner Award – Inspiring Emerging Leaders

The Emma Gardiner Award was launched in 2024 in memory of long-time Nulsen Youth Patron Program Coordinator, Emma Gardiner. The Award was founded by Emma’s family in partnership with Nulsen Disability Services.

For close to a decade, Emma devoted her skills and passion to Nulsen as the Coordinator of Community Engagement, overseeing the Nulsen Youth Patron Program. Her warmth and dedication to nurturing the young people involved in the Program was extraordinary, as was her commitment to improving the lives of people with disability.

Emma played a pivotal role in fostering genuine understanding of people with disability and expanded the circle of influence of the Youth Patrons she mentored.

This Award honours Emma’s legacy and aims to inspire future generations to emulate her values-based dedication to helping others – to be collaborative, compassionate, courageous, resilient and respectful.

The Youth Patron who is selected as the recipient of The Emma Gardiner Award will be presented with a Certificate of Recognition and $500 for personal or professional development. The recipient will also have the unique opportunity of being mentored by a Nulsen Youth Patron Program partner – leaders in their field – for a day.

Those who had the privilege of knowing Emma were compelled by her vibrancy and zest for life – both signature qualities. Her memory holds firm for many Youth Patron alumni, who universally recall her as a generous mentor who left an indelible mark on their lives.

This award is testament to Emma’s enduring and positive impact on the lives of so many people, paying homage to a remarkable individual whose influence will forever live on.

Inspiring Emerging Leaders

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